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Address: 53 Nguyen Phuc Chu, Quarter 1, Phao Dai Ward, Ha Tien Town, Kien Giang Province
$ 21
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In the period of economic development, human life is increasingly civilized, modern, and the quality of life is increasing, Tourism has become a passion of people. During those discoveries and enjoying that joy, the problem of finding a place to rest is indispensable. However, what all tourists care about is the issue of eating and resting in the tourist destinations, making many tourists have to wonder. And Ha Tien Hotel is proud to release those concerns in Ha Tien territory.

Associated with the landmark Ha Tien, associated with the development of economy, culture and tourism here, Ha Tien Hotel is famous as a place of attentive service, quality and prestige. With an extremely sandy position, by the front of the river “Dong Ho” and far away is the “Kim Thu Lan Dao” screen that will bring an abundant source of vitality to the tourists and the people here. .

In particular, on the moonlit nights when visitors relax here, you will admire a great picture, which is the scene of “Dong Ho An Nguyet”, a landscape that has been poet Mac Thien Tu put into poetry “far away from the waves printed in double balls – Silver Sea with four-dimensional mirror rings”.

With a system of 32 rooms including: 26 single rooms, 3 double rooms and 3 VIP rooms, ensuring the satisfaction of customers. With friendly style, luxurious interior decoration, fully furnished (television, air conditioning, refrigerator, cable TV, modern bathtub), cozy and elegant decoration with wide windows overlooking poetic Dong Ho river, Ha Tien Hotel will make you really feel satisfied.



Single Twin or
Junior 21$ 25$ 30$  


Include breakfast

Deluxe 30$ 35$
Suite 35$ 39$
Junior 19$ 21$ 25$ Not include breakfast



Deluxe 18$ 30$
Suite 32$ 35$

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