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An untouched Tho Chu

Far away from the shore, where Tho Chu Islands of Kien Giang Province located, the sea seems not to be bothered by the time. It always remains a brilliant beauty with a fresh turquoise color and is filled with yellow sunlit. Sometimes, when there are storms and rain, beauty looks a bit angry but that anger disappear right away and put on the usual garish charm. That wild sunny beauty of a sea paradise is one of the reason that the sea lovers desire to visit Tho Chu once.

An untouched Tho Chu (The turquoise sea of Tho Chu)

Traveling to Tho Chu Island is not as easy as it seems, especially to people who suffer from seasickness. Thus, to satisfy people who wish to have a tour on this sea paradise but are unable to make it comes true or people who are planning for a perfect trip to Tho Chu, Dailytravel will gather and send you a list of glamorous photos on sunny days of Tho Chu in this article.

An untouched Tho Chu (The ocean and sky of Tho Chu)

If you are lucky to travel to Tho Chu during days when the sea is calm with gentle waves, the whole 10-hour journey floating on the sea to Tho Chu island is not a big problem. Moreover, you will be blown your mind with the endless turquoise sea, the image of the gulls fluttering and gilding on the water’s surface. However, only when the lush green appearance of the islands gradually comes out, you actually see the real paradise Tho Chu.

An untouched Tho Chu (The calm Tho Chu shows up among boundless ocean)

An untouched Tho Chu (Fishing villages on the sea)

From a far distance, you can see towering coconut trees leaning and reflecting on the water’s surface. They look like they are protecting the island to keep it peaceful and safe from sea breezes.

An untouched Tho Chu (Coconut trees adorn the blue shore)

The wharf of the island is quite appealing. It is firmly built and has a prominent white in the blue background of the sky and the sea. Several fish boats rest near the wharf like some marks to make the natural painting with the dominant blue more vivid.

An untouched Tho Chu (Tho Chu wharf)

Through the clear blue sea, standing on the wharf, you can also see even shoals of fish. This is also the great place to feel the cool breezes or pose for some fantastic photos in your journey in the middle of the wild Tho Chu.

An untouched Tho Chu (The wharf is an ideal place to wander and take some photos)

In Tho Chu, the summer sea view is beautiful in every angle. Looking through the tropical almonds’ canopies, the ocean seems to be gentler and the turquoise become more appealing to the travelers. The vigorous greenness of mountains and forests, the emerald blue of the vast sea, the cerulean sky all blend together and create a great masterpiece in the middle of a serene space.

An untouched Tho Chu (Emerald seawater under the summer sun)

An untouched Tho Chu (The greenness of mountains and forest mix with the blue sky and sea)

An untouched Tho Chu (Brilliant scenery through the old sea tropical almonds)

Ngu beach is also a dock, the first place that you step feet on when traveling Tho Chu and the most idyllic beach on the island. The Ngu beach has an arc shape and is surrounded by two mountain ranges so it is quite calm. You can even see in the bottom because the seawater is crystal clear. The beach possesses a pristine and tranquil charisma with the velvetleaf soldier bush trees, sea poison trees and wonderful coconut ranges that arouse your great excitement with the nature and you will not want to leave the place anymore.

An untouched Tho Chu (Even the moss rock on the beach is also attracting)

Traveling to Tho Chu, there is one place that you cannot not to visit. That is Nhan islet. The islet only has one imposing cliff with no trees and no one lives there. However, it appeals to wanderlusts more than other places on Tho Chu because it is a home to thousands of sea terns.

An untouched Tho Chu (Nhan islet-home to thousands of this small birds)

During July, the birds gather a lot on the islet. They fly around like they cover the whole area in the sky and they perch everywhere on the cliff. In the middle of the immense summer sea and sky, the lapping waves crawl onto the rocks and the sounds of the birds calling their flock echo in the air would awake witnesses’ sensation in the cool breezes. This could be the moment that you cannot forget during your Tho Chu trip.

An untouched Tho Chu (The brave sea terns are perching on the rocks)

An untouched Tho Chu (The whole clear blue sky is covered with the birds’ wings)

Names like Xanh islet, Nhat beach and so on are also not less attractive than the sites mentioned above. They have a fine far-reaching sand and the mountain road connecting with the sea, which increase the beauty of the view. However, to see wholly all the delicacy of Tho Chu in your trip, the imposing lighthouse on the high mountain is the most ideal position. From the lighthouse, you can have a panoramic view and enjoy entirely the untouched beauty of the Tho Chu islands. The sky, the sea, Xanh islet, Nhan islet and so on blurredly appear in your vision and create a scene that no words can describe how glamorous it is.

An untouched Tho Chu (The charming Nhat beach)

An untouched Tho Chu (The sea looked from the lighthouse)

An untouched Tho Chu (From the lighthouse, you can see the whole vast sea)

An untouched Tho Chu  (You can also have a panoramic view to the far away fishing villages)

These photos look amazing, aren’t them? If you have an opportunity to visit Tho Chu, catch it to have an exciting trip and wonderful memories about the nature and the people there.

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