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Tips for travelling in Ben Tre for 1 day

Ben Tre, the best-known site with the Mekong Delta’s image, hardworking, generous and smiley locals and the iconic, silky green and straight coconut ranges. Ben Tre is likely to adorn Vietnamese countryside’s painting. Because of that beauty, this destination have been in many tourists’ bucket-list for a one-day tour. Let’s plan your perfect trip for Ben Tre tour with Dailytravel through this article


Tourists can choose whatsoever time in a year to travel Ben Tre since there are always places to go, things to do. Additionally, on Sundays and Saturdays, Ben Tre is also a reasonable destination to “change wind” for families, organizations, groups of friends to relax after a hard-working and stressful week.

Means of transport

From Ho Chi Minh city, tourists can have various kinds of common choices to get in Ben Tre conveniently, such as: motorbikes, private cars, couches services of Ho Chi Minh city-Ben Tre routine. Because Ben Tre is not far away from Ho Chi Minh city, transportation is absolutely flexible and do not take much of your time.


Visiting Ben Tre means that you will be blown your mind on a land of bountiful famous fruits, such as: longans, rambutans, mangos, coconuts and so on. Especially, this place is characterized with confectionery and foods made from coconuts, for example: coconut candies, coconut cakes and so on. Those nourishments not only looks appealing but also well-satisfy your taste.

Tips for travelling in Ben Tre for 1 day-1     

(The colorful and eye-catching images of coconut candies)


Destinations for sightseeing and visiting

Coming to Ben Tre, even just for one day, tourists still can visit many landmarks and famous sites, for instance:

+ Phu Le Temple: the largest scale and the most beautiful temple of Ben Tre’s village. The temple locates below the shade of the big and ancient trees, which spots its solemnness. Tourists can freely explore, learn more about the temple and take pictures as well.

Tips for travelling in Ben Tre for 1 day-2

(The distinctive architectural style of Phu My Temple)

+ Phu Tu Temple and centennial Bach Mai (white apricot) tree. During the Minh Mang (the second emperor of the Nguyen dynasty) period, the Bach Mai had been planted for ages before the locals chose this location to build the temple. The Bach Mai tree thrives and flourishes into thick clusters with 50 large and small and about 5 to 6 meter-high trees. There are 16 trees with largest trunks whose diameter is about 20 to 30 centimeters. The large branches stretch out in a horizontal position. They are about 7 to 8 meter long and extend into wide canopies which are up to 250 meter squares.

+ Nguyen Dinh Chieu Monument: this is the place where Nguyen Dinh Chieu (a renowned Vietnamese poet) opened classes, researched and gave medical treatments for the locals. He also composed many famous anti-colonial writings against the French colonization until his death. Most of his best valuable pieces were written here.

Tips for travelling in Ben Tre for 1 day-3

(The majestic monument of Nguyen Dinh Chieu is situated right in the heart of the town)

Ben Tre Tour for 1 day

Dailytravel will support you in planning a meaningful weekend holiday with families, friends through this tour: Traveling Ben Tre in one day with the destination Ho Chi Minh City-Ben Tre-My Tho-Ho Chi Minh City.

7:45 tourists are picked up at the first agreed location and we head to My Tho-Tien Giang city. Here, tourists can take a rest a then visit Vinh Trang pagoda. Vinh Trang pagoda is the largest Buddhist temple in Tien Giang Province. Around the pagoda, there are many types of plants, exotic flowers, lakes filled with lotus’s pleasant scent and the centennial trees with massive shade covered large areas. There is a perfect harmony between the natural scenery and the architecture, which lends the antique beauty and dignity to the pagoda. Visiting here, tourists can feel free to discover the place and take photos.

Tips for travelling in Ben Tre for 1 day-4

(The remarkable architecture of Vinh Trang pagoda)

9:00, tourists will move to the wharf, go on a boat and enjoy the appeal of Tien River, 4 massive islets Long (Dragon), Lan (Unicorn), Quy (Turtle), Phung (Phoenix) and ranges of coconut trees and other green fruit trees from both sides.

Then, we stop by Lan islet, tourists can continue the journey to the orchards laden with ripe and juicy fruits. Next, tourists visit to the beekeeping farm and honey bee manufacture to sip some cups of honey tea.

After that, tourists is paddled along a small canal between the silky and vigorous green of coconut trees from both sides.

Tips for travelling in Ben Tre for 1 day-5

(Silky green coconut trees on both sides)

Next, tourists are taken to the big river and head to the famous coconut candies manufacture of Ben Tre. After the visit here, tourists can take a rest, have lunch and charge more energies to continue our trip in the afternoon.

14:00, tourists can go to the Phung islet, where the Coconut religion located. There, tourists will learn more about the religion, the coconut monk and other relics that are related this unique religion. Next, tourists can experience a stronger feeling with crocodile farms and try fishing the crocodiles.

Tips for travelling in Ben Tre for 1 day-6

(A spacious ground on Phung Islet)

16:00, tourists finish the trip and come back to Ho Chi Minh city and of course, tourists can stop by some stores on the streets to buy some specialties, such as : coconut candies, coconut cakes or pretty souvenirs for families and friends.

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