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Phu Quoc in July with romantic rain showers

Under the burning summer sun of July, a feeling to be reveled in the cool breezes of the sea, joyfully immersed in the cool seawater and to play with white waves is what anybody desires. Thus, during every July, many people pack their luggage and travel to Phu Quoc’s sea, a small and miraculous paradise located in the Southwest Vietnam. There, you can enjoy the romantic rainfalls coming quickly but also leaving right after that, set your souls free in the middle of the immense sea and delight yourselves with unforgettable memories and emotions.

Phu Quoc in July with romantic rain showers(Phu Quoc’s sky sometimes turn into gray because of the sudden rainfalls)

Phu Quoc in July with romantic rain showers(The travelers still can find the peace in the sea paradise)

Even though it is the rain season, travelers are hardly bothered and still have a great time at one of the renowned destinations in Vietnam because they will be covered from every side. The rains in July in Phu Quoc is similar to the rains in Saigon – they come in a hurry but then leave in a rush and you have not even seen all the beauty of them, they have already gone far way. Those small rains only cool the weather in Phu Quoc during the summer days in July, adorn the lush greenness of the trees and grasses and create the sparkling rainbows.

Phu Quoc in July with romantic rain showers(The storm passes)

Phu Quoc in July with romantic rain showers(The sky and the sea looks bluer and clearer)

When the rain comes, many tourists also enjoy the feeling when they stand in the middle of the fine sand, show their bare skin and let the rain drops on their body, penetrates their skin and gently drift into the sand. The sky’s color turning into grey, the waves rolling and crashing then disappearing or the coconut trees swaying in the rain are also tempting images that strongly impress tourists.

Phu Quoc in July with romantic rain showers(The rolling and breaking wave is an interesting feature that you can only see during the rainy season)

Phu Quoc in July with romantic rain showers(Many people really enjoy the feeling of being immersed in those splashing waves)

After the short rainfall lasted few hours passes, the beautiful island comes back to its originally romantic and lovely scenery. And this is of course an ideal time for tourists to begin your adventure on the island. First of all, you can start with all the best and most alluring beaches on Phu Quoc. At this moment, the weather seems to be much cooler and more comfortable. Standing in front of the sea, you can feel each cool sea breeze diffused and crept into your body. The waves stop gushing, the sea’s surface becomes calmer and clearer like a giant mirror reflected the whole blue sky and white clouds. The fine sand is still wet and you would feel like being massage when you are walking on your bare feet on that sand. That would definitely be an interesting experience.

Phu Quoc in July with romantic rain showers(Phu Quoc returns to its originally charming appearance)

Phu Quoc in July with romantic rain showers(Captivating people)

Khem beach, Sao beach, Dai beach and so on have distinguishing charismas but they are all filled with the elegance of the sea. When the sun comes down, tourists can continue the journey to Dinh Cau. You can stand on the rock shore and have a panoramic view of the twilight and then joyfully mingle to the crowd and go to the market, taste some seafood. Even though the sea in July billows a lot due to the rain, there are still various delicious food for tourists.

Phu Quoc in July with romantic rain showers(Enjoyably playing with crystal clear water and sand at the Khem beach)

Phu Quoc in July with romantic rain showers(Admire the fascinating twilight at Dinh Cau)

In July, thanks to the rains for providing an abundant source of water for the wellspring in Phu Quoc. That makes the stream flow murmurously. If you travel to Phu Quoc during July, don’t forget to visit Tranh stream, Da Ngon or Da Ban stream to harmonize with the pace of the jungle and the cool water pouring down. Around the stream are fragrant grass, green trees and wildflowers that start to blossom. The nature scenery here looks like a painting which is charming and enchanting.

Phu Quoc in July with romantic rain showers(Romantic painting)

Phu Quoc in July with romantic rain showers(Tranh stream with the sweet flow)

If you do not enjoy the wet feeling because of the rain while traveling Phu Quoc in July, there are still many places you can go instead of staying at the hotel. Coi Nguon museum (Origin museum literally) is a good example. The museum maintains the spirit and history of Phu Quoc Island which will make your visit like a being taken to the past. Besides, Phu Quoc prison or also known as the Coconut Tree prison is an evidence for a heroic history with many difficulties of Vietnamese people. This is the historic site that you should not miss out during the trip.

Phu Quoc in July with romantic rain showers(Historic marks at Phu Quoc prison)

Phu Quoc in July with romantic rain showers(The spirit of this pearl island is in here – Coi Nguon museum)

. You will be enchanted by the harmonious and distinctive melody of the murmuring breezes, the raindrops, the gashing waves in the sea and the sound of the flowing stream echoed in the Phu Quoc’s forest. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started to plan your trip to Phu Quoc in July.

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