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Quang Tri

Quang Tri once boasted an important citadel, but little of its old glory remains. In the Easter Offensive of 1972, North Vietnamese forces laid siege to and then captured the town. This provoked carpet bombing and artillery shelling by the USA and South Vietnamese forces, which all but destroyed Quang Tri.

Remnants of the ancient moat, ramparts and gates of the citadel remain. It’s off Ð Tran Hung Dao, 1.6km north of Hwy 1.

Outside Quang Tri, along Hwy 1 towards Hue, is the skeleton of Long Hung Church. It bears countless bullet holes and mortar damage from the 1972 bombardment.

The bus station (Ð Tran Hung Dao) is about 1km from Hwy 1, but buses can also be flagged down on the highway.

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