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What does Ca Mau with immense rivers have?

1.Monivonsa Bopharam Temple (Khmer Temple)

Located right in the heart of the city, Monivonsa Bopharam features the architecture of Nam To (Theravada) Buddhism. The temple was engraved with sophisticated patterns and surrounded by trees, which will bring visitors a comfortable and peaceful feeling. Temple is an architectural ensemble with bold ethnic Khmer culture of the South, expressed in unique patterns where the dome, the columns, wall…The temple is an answer for who want to find out about Khmer culture or simply look for the inner peace.

The entrance located towards the east because the Khmer believed that Buddha go from west to east. Above the entrance are three towers which have elaborately carved sculpture. It is a painting that recounts all the perils that Buddhist had to get through on the way of becoming Buddha. Red and yellow are the two predominant colors, including the electricity, sala, houses for the monks, tower for reinforcement, am and so on

Yellow red color at the electricity

The electricity placed at the heart of the campus on the 1,5m high ground. This is the main place of worship in the temple. Here, visitors have a chance to admire the statues of Buddha in different poses, the reincarnation of Buddha period. Buddha’s life and Kiem-Re’s stories are described through frieze murals will make Buddhist pilgrims or visitors pass by know more about pagoda’s stories. Sala is a chance of monks and Buddhist Khmer, where worshippers discuss before coming to the electricity. Cremation was built far away from the centre of the temple and has a simpler architecture.

The murals which tell about Buddha’s approach to religious life

Monivonsa Bopharam Temple is a must-go site in Ca Mau. With the unique architecture, the place is Khmer cultural convergence, which remains many special ancient features in the past.

2.Bird park in the city

Ca Mau is the only city that has bird sanctuaries. Located in Ward 1, apart from the centre of the city about 2km to the west, Culture Park or also known as Forest Park 19-5, is the recreation area with 18,2 ha width and many small sites such as flower landscapes, monuments, clusters and Uncle Ho’s pond… Here also has the bird sanctuary, the pride of Ca Mau natives. Many species of birds like herons, teals, white storks or many other atypical ones fly here for living. This is how people said that good land and birds perches. The site is an ideal place and do not hesitate if you are ones who love nature, who are passionate about the coo melody or desire to learn more about rare birds.

Come here when the sunlight scatters and watch the birds fly home after a long day foraging, or night birds start their journey. It would definitely be the beautiful scenery that you hardly find in another cities. The bird sanctuary is the dedication of many natives to attract and maintain the birds here.

Do not miss this exciting venue when coming to Ca Mau. Van Lam bird sanctuary is considered to be the pride of local people. The birds’ symphony is taken up and echoed until sunset. Among those construction are rising slowly, the bird sanctuary is like a pure sound and lightens all the marvelous features. It is the gift of mother nature for human.

This is surely a place to relax people

3.Tan Hung Communal House

Ca Mau is not only famous for its eco-tourism of the immense rivers at the southernmost of Vietnam. The cultural side, with a look on the historical roots of friendly and hospital local people, is also worth to discover. Pagoda with rich and unique architecture will take you back to the ancient’s Age.

The new entrance after the construction

Travelling is sometimes not only about arrival, but also about experience. Tan Hung communal house located on the bank of Rach Cap canal, which belongings to Tan Hung village, Ly Van Lam commune, Ca Mau city. After several times being damaged through wars, the local people rebuilt a new one on the ground. This new one was constructed into a compartment with two lean-tons and its roofs with the shape of yin and yang tiles. The rooftop was embellished with two dragons paved with rubber stones and the pillars were all propped with slab stones. In the front yard is the majestic tiger screen, with a little soft mixture of two lotuses on the top of two square bricks.

Witness for history of the hero’s land

On the 10th and 11th of May according to lunar calendar annually, people from the neighborhood eagerly gather at the house to join Ky Yen celebration. It is like a recall of all the merits of tutelary deities and people who fell for homeland. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the house if once you come to Ca Mau. Visitors will gain more about this hero southernmost of the country.

People gather here every Tet holiday

4.Visiting river Doc

It takes about one hour by canoe to depart from the centre to . The coastal town is currently a trend in tourism. If you want to witness fishing village scenery, daily life of people who are friend with the sea throughout years, busy working atmosphere and boats anchor continually, it is all in here. Visitors would definitely never feel enough of enjoyment.


River Doc is known as the largest port of Mekong-Delta. Moreover, the distinctive fishing village culture will satisfy even the most skeptical guests, who may still wonder if Ca Mau has something attractive. Seafaring is a risky work when floating on the sea all the time with unpredictable dangers. Visitors can experience different shades of emotion. It could be the excitement when you try a thrill of floating on the sea. Otherwise, you can come to see the fishing village culture if you prefer something quiet and peaceful.

Floating life on the sea

Small town, but it has rich lively life, gradually draws more attention to visitors. There is no longer a poor fishing village scenery. Now, many buildings and fortified houses are also rising along the coast from both sides. Coastal town with the appetizing culture will constitute Ca Mau a fascinating recreation.

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