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Enjoying the attractive noodles at Mekong Delta

The immense rivers, the spectacular gardens, the paddy fields, the smell of foods and fruits created the separate and unforgettable nature of the people. The foods at Mekong Delta are really famous because of the rich and diverse in the food culture.

Dishes such as “Banh Cong, Banh Xeo, Bun Mam or Bun Ca…” become the familiar dishes which is popular at Mekong Delta and especially in Saigon or anywhere in Vietnam.

Noodles which is known as glamorous and breakfast dish is a rustic dish in Phnom Penh (Cambodia). However it has transformed into a favorite, varied and fascinating dish at Mekong Delta.

The main materials to make the steamed noodles are fresh, toughness and solf noodles fibers. Put them into the autoclave and remember not to steam a lot of noodles fibers. You will have a hot and delicious noodles. This dish is suitable for breakfast.

Steamed noodles served with, shumai, cucumber, vegetable, onion and chilli or red pepper.  Especially, “Nuoc mam” which is added into this noodle dish has to be mixed with sauce cooked with sugar. You may combine with chopped garlic and lemon in harmony to make it more delicious or tasty.

Enjoy the steamed noodles by dish. Put the noodle fibers into the dish and add shredded pork with vegetable and chopped cucumber. Depending on the taste of the people, you can add sauce, stir and enjoy. Special breakfast dishes will make your breakfast more seductive and chummy.

They are sold in Ha Tien town (shop number 41 on the road Phuong Thanh, Ha Tien …) in Kien Giang province, Thot Not markets in Can Tho province or Chau Doc market in An Giang… However it is not easy to enjoy them in restaurant or large cafeteria. If you have the opportunity to travel  this place, remembering to enjoy them. That would be great!

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