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6 dishes cannot be hold back on rainy days in the Mekong Delta

6 dishes cannot be hold back on rainy days in the Mekong Delta

Cá thòi lòi nướng muối ớt - Grilled giant mudskippers with chilies and salt The giant mudskippers (ca thoi loi), or also known as tree-climbing fish literally in Vietnamese, is a unique kind of fishes in the Mekong region. They have a fancy and exotic appearance and live in brackish waters and coastal mangrove areas. [...]

Savoring 5 rustic gifts of Ben Tre thumbnail

Savoring 5 rustic gifts of Ben Tre

It has a wonderful appeal to travelers who love green nature destinations. Not only that, Ben Tre also allures tourists with the bucolic typical Southwest cuisine. Let’s go through the lists of those flavorful dishes of Ben Tre land below with us in this article for more tips during you Ben Tre journey. "Gỏi củ [...]

Rach Mieu Bridge

Rach Mieu Bridge

Rach Mieu Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge spanning the Tien River and linking the two provinces of Tien Giang (My Tho) and Ben Tre together. This is the first cable-stayed bridge construction invested, designed and built by Vietnamese. Rach Mieu Bridge is located on Highway 60 and 1 kilometer apart from a ferry terminal toward the [...]

bai sao nha trang

Bai Sao-the most alluring beach on Phu Quoc

Referring to Phu Quoc, people often mention the pure and flavorful Phu Quoc fish sauce, great pearl manufacturing bases or passionate aroma of Sim wine (also known as Ruou Sim or Rose Myrtle wine) and so on. However, nothing can get over the popularity of numerous idyllic and enchanted beaches that Phu Quoc possesses. Sao beach (Bai Sao) [...]

thoi son island

An Thoi deserted island – a mysterious paradise of Phu Quoc

There is one place in Vietnam that is always ranked as top of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. That is Phu Quoc Island – the pearl island which is best-known for its spectacular, diverse and pristine natural scenery. However, Kien Giang land is not only famous for the sea paradise Phu Quoc, [...]

Kuy teav – an appetizing cuisine in the Mekong region thumbnail

Kuy teav – an appetizing cuisine in the Mekong region

Immeasurable rivers, lush greenness of flourishing gardens, endless rice fields, delectable cuisine and 4-season fruits are all unforgettable impressions that the Mekong region leaves for everyone. The Mekong cuisine is well-known for its diversity and savory flavors. Dishes such as “bánh cống” (Vietnamese deep fired cake), “bánh xèo” (Vietnamese pancake), “bún mắm” (rice noodles and [...]


Qui Islet (Con Qui)

Qui Islet is an islet with a total area of 65 hectares located on Tien Giang River and between two communes, Tan Thach Commune and Thoi Son Commune, which belong to Chau Thanh District, Ben Tre Province. It is 22 kilometers (river) apart from the centre of Ben Tre town. On Qui Islet, there are [...]


Nourishments cooked with Ben Tre coconut

Coconut tree is a symbol of Ben Tre land as well as a “backbone” of Ben Tre people. Thus, you will be flooded in a lush cuisine made from coconut: coconut candy (kẹo dừa), fried banana with coconut milk (chuối xào dừa), cake wrapped in coconut leaf (bánh lá dừa), snakehead fish steamed with coconut [...]


Bang Lang stork sanctuary tour instruction

Can Tho possesses a bucolic and mild elegance of a river land with far-reaching green fields, laden fruit orchards, sweet lullabies, flickering “bà ba” shirt (a traditional shirt for women in the South) on twisting canals and thousands of bird wings eclipsed a part of the sky in Bang Lang stork sanctuary – a fascinating [...]


Can Tho Museum

Located at address 1, Hoa Binh Avenue, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho city. Cần Thơ Museum is the largest museum in the Mekong Delta, with a total surface area of 2,700 square meters. The Museum exhibits, presents Can Tho historical relics about cultures and inhabitants in Can Tho through historical periods, through economical-social and cultural achievements [...]

phung hiep floating market

4 amazing floating markets in Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta region always has an extraordinary appeal to wanderlusts, especially who loves to harmonize with immense rivers and orchards. Not only for international travelers, even Vietnamese from other regions who have ever taken a trip to Mekong Delta, the most superb thing to do here is visiting floating markets known for ages. A distinguishing [...]


A journey to Binh Dai beach in Ben Tre

Binh Dai is a rural district of Ben Tre Province. It is located on An Hoa isle and surrounded by the sea. Due to an ideal location, Binh Dai is advantageous for both water traffic and road trafic. Coming to Binh Dai land, tourists cannot only enjoy fresh and cool air of the typical coconut [...]


“Thot not” (Toddy palm)-A unique specialty of Mekong Delta

People refresh by coconut juice in the north, by a large glass of sugarcane in the south while in Mekong Delta region, icy “thot not” or sometimes called ice-apple drink in British English are sold along the roads. (Toddy palm plants – a kind of tree that has been sticking to the locals in Mekong [...]


6 amazing dishes you must eat while on Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island is greatly well-known as a pearl island of Vietnam’s sea tourism because of its magnificent beauty endowed by the Mother Nature with turquoise sea, white sands, yellow sunlight. Phu Quoc also aroused tourists’ curiosity more by numerous sea cuisine. Visiting Phu Quoc without savoring seafood specialties here means that you have not [...]


Phu Quoc National Park

Phu Quoc National Park is one of the Southern National Park preserved completely a primeval jungle. This is an ideal destination for tourists because it is the convergence of many natural beauties with jungles, sea, streams, waterfalls and mountains. Phu Quoc National Park converges many natural appeals The National Park is located across the northeast [...]

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